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A common occurrence after pregnancy or weight gain, stretch marks can be an unsightly skin condition that you wish you could erase forever. Fortunately, the Icon™ Laser Aesthetic System by Cynosure® makes it possible to restore your skin and painlessly diminish the appearance of stretch marks. The highly trained doctors at Colorado Family Medicine are pleased to offer this innovative technology to patients in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas. To learn more, call or schedule a consultation online.

Stretch Mark Removal Q & A

What causes stretch marks?

When your skin stretches as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight gain, stretch marks may appear. Many women develop stretch marks during pregnancy as a result of the continual tugging and stretching of your skin to make room for your growing baby. Men can get stretch marks, too, especially if there’s an increased level of cortisone in your system.

Cortisone is a hormone that your adrenal glands produce naturally. Too much cortisone can make your skin lose elasticity and lead to stretch marks. Corticosteroid creams and medications may contribute to the appearance of stretch marks as your skin loses its ability to stretch.

Adrenal gland disorders like Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can cause stretch marks. Beyond the outward appearance of stretch marks, you should also seek treatment for these underlying health conditions. Be sure to discuss any of your existing conditions and concerns with the doctors during your consultation.

Can stretch marks be removed?

Yes! And the innovative Icon Laser Aesthetic System by Cynosure makes it simple, convenient, and virtually painless. The doctors at Colorado Family Medicine are excited to offer this advanced laser technology to treat stretch marks, remove scars, and resurface skin to help you look and feel your best both inside and out.

How does the Icon laser work?

The Icon system uses FDA-cleared fractional laser technology to deliver energy pulses to your skin. The energy improves the discoloration that is typical of stretch marks. The pulsed energy also stimulates new collagen production so your skin appears smoother and more elastic.

The Icon laser system is safe and convenient, usually taking only about 30 minutes per treatment. It targets the deeper layers of your skin, while preventing damage to the surrounding tissue. The Icon’s cooling system keeps you comfortable during the procedure and most patients tolerate it without a problem.

Most men and women see a noticeable improvement in stretch marks in just three to five treatments, and there is little or no downtime, making the Icon laser system a great choice for busy schedules.